Commercial Construction and Maintenance

We guarantee the advantages of contracting a small business with the synergies offered by a large-scale operation. Our customers experience quality workmanship combined with experience and a track record of success.

• Controls
• Temporary Power
• Office And Commercial Lighting
• Yard Lighting
• Tech Cable
• Maintenance
• Plc Wiring Upgrades
• Fire Alarm Systems

• Panels
Our custom panels can be fabricated with extra capacity to accommodate future additions by providing:
Pare I/O Points and Terminals​
Extra DIN Rail, Empty PLC Slots​
Over-Sized Power Supplies, Disconnects, and Main Branch Circuits

• LED Lighting Retrofitting
With our knowledge of what makes a good light, we were then able to align ourselves with manufacturers that could offer products that we felt confident in installing. Relationships with LED manufacturers have allowed us to provide quality chosen lighting options which are sent directly to us, saving handling costs which we pass on to our clients

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